Important Statement

On December 7th at 16:45 GMT+5, a cyber-command of professional hackers organized an attack on our server farm, targeting our firewalls with the intention of putting our servers out of service. Our defenses promptly detected the offense and our engineers reacted quickly, taking back the control of the servers and the entire system in just a few minutes. However, more time has been necessary to recover and restore the server configurations to full service.

After the first analysis, we discovered there had been a brute force attack started a few days before, creating backbones, hidden viruses, and trojans which unlocked the firewalls and blocked the servers. As you can understand, this is not an operation made by an inexperienced group of people. Rather, it has been organized and managed by professional criminals.

The time we are taking in rebuilding the systems is necessary to add further security precautions before going live. We are checking the server, applying new security rules, and finally putting it up. We need to proceed server by server.

We want to reassure you that the data is completely secure and that WOR(l)D, thanks to the internal analysis from these recent events, has already started an international investigation through Interpol to catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The continued positive growth and expansion of our Company puts WOR(l)D under the spotlight even more, making it attractive to these kinds of criminals who attempt to control billion dollar companies. Unfortunately, this is not news to us and it’s not news for the most important IT companies.

« To be successful, you need friends, and to be very successful, you need enemies. » – Sidney Sheldon.



Dabealvi.La Sentinelle en mode veille - CentrAfrique

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